Wild Thing- Xmas Pop Up 2021

Wild Thing- Xmas Pop Up 2021

Hey Angels! 

2021 was wild and so far it’s been a super busy start to 2022. Sitting down to update the blogs has been so hugely at the bottom of the list but we wanted to share one of the highlights of December last year with you!

Our first IRL Pop-up was in Wild Thing & Co’s store at Cabot Circus, Bristol. We met so many lovely customers and other brands through doing it, overall it was such an amazing experience that really left us hungry for our next IRL location! 

With so many fab items in store, plus the live music and photo experiences it was a shop like no other. 

If you managed to go down to Cabot we’d love to hear your experience! We’re always wanting to hear your feedback so we can improve for next time. Was there anything you particularly loved? 

Here’s to another great year at Blueberry Milk HQ!


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